Culto Charles

Título: Culto Charles
Autor: Jose Ja Ja Ja
Editora: Fulgencio Pimentel
Ano: 2014
Formato: 21,7×29,7 cm
Impressão: offset
Nº de páginas: 64
Nº de exemplares: 500, assinados e numerados
Preço: 19€ + portes de envio

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“Culto Charles was first founded in the early 1960s by poet and activist A. S. Brandon, along with twenty friends from Stanford University. From the beginning, the sect was based on the belief that an occult dimension lays in the border between life and death. The chosen few claimed that in the short lapse between a cardiac arrest and brain death there is a “black hole” through which one can slide to an unknown supernatural universe. An ultimate reverie, that they referred to as The Paradise of Charles. In order to enter “The Paradise of Charles”, it was necessary to observe a disciplined training guided by “the cabbies”. It consisted on two stages: In the first stage, “the cabbie” instructed the initiated member about a simple private choreography which led to the the individual construction of an ultimate dream, subsequently recreated by the follower on a strange altar. The second stage, the journey, was performed as a group. “The cabbie” provided a concoction of Actaea pachypoda that immediately caused the heart to stop and, therefore, death. Culto Charles ultimately had over 6,000 followers all over the world, causing 3,327 suicides. Media coverage on these collective suicides led to a strong criminal persecution during the 1960s and 1970s. On their late years, most followers tried to go undercover, encouraging individual and clandestine suicides much more difficult to be linked to the sect. On March 3rd, 1977, A. S. Brandon, his wife and 43 other followers were arrested at an industrial warehouse in the small town of Muskogee, Oklahoma. Only a few months later months later, Brandon committed suicide in prison, leaving a note that read: “We’ll meet again in our dreams”. In the summer of 1981, police issued a press release stating that the sect had been eradicated.”
Fulgencio Pimentel
imagens: Jose Ja Ja Ja


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